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Timber Windows

Timber Windows

Timber windows are typically associated with being high maintenance and expensive with a short life span.

In years gone by timber windows were not treated until completely installed, this allowed for small areas of the window such as the glazing rebate and end grain to have at best a light coat of primer. These untreated areas would suck up trapped water accelerating deterioration. In the last fifteen years the timber window industry has seen some dramatic technological advances, this means that timber windows have become extremely low maintenance, have adopted high performance glazing and offer the latest multipoint locking security systems.

At Sian all of our timber windows are treated with a high tech microporous paint and are fully factory finished before the glass is installed. This ensures the glazing rebate, other small exposed areas and the timber itself is protected before reaching your property, dramatically extending the lifespan of the window. This finish can be specified to any RAL colour or dual colour giving you complete flexibility to match your property and its interiors.

We offer a huge range of opening types, profiles, glazing styles, timber species and ironmongery options making each window bespoke in design and unique to any property.

So if you are looking to add real style and elegance through the use of timber windows to your home or in your project we look forward to discussing your options.