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uPVC Windows

uPVC Windows

You’ve probably heard a lot about uPVC windows and if you look around you will find that more than half the homes, in most streets have uPVC windows.

UPVC stands for unplasticised poly vinyl chloride, a material that has numerous uses in our homes but is most commonly known for manufacturing windows, doors and drainage pipes.

Most reviews will probably say a major shortcoming of uPVC is undoubtedly its aesthetics. In many people‚Äôs eyes the white plastic look is far from attractive and some consider uPVC frames to look unstylish when compared to timber. At Sian Property Improvements we feel this is usually down to poorly designed, cheap uPVC windows which that are not made in keeping with the property’s original design and stand out like a sore thumb.

In more recent years technology has moved on enabling uPVC windows to be slimmer than ever before and come finished in a variety of different colours, styles and more importantly a realistic wood finish. All the advances that uPVC windows have made over the last decade have put it back on the market as real contender.

All our uPVC window frames are reinforced using galvanised steel, making them difficult to bend or cut. Single easy to use handles will operate a full Multipoint locking systems, along side security claws as standard on the back of the casement give real peace of mind in regards the security.

To help save energy and retain heat inside your home many chambers are created inside the uPVC frames or sometimes known as profiles. This combined with the highest specification double glazed units means our uPVC windows achieve an A energy-rating as standard.

So if you feel uPVC windows may be an option please ask us to show you how they could work for your property.